Law of Mentalism — Apply the Power of the Mind

Jovvana Manzano
2 min readNov 8, 2022

The Law of Mentalism is one of the Universal Laws.

People find it easier to understand this law and its principles through psychology.

However, it is thanks to this law that the followers of the Law of Attraction have understood why it is possible to attract everything we want through our minds.

There are scientific studies that try to prove the power of the mind over matter.

Unfortunately, these tests and experiments have not been able to meet the standards of scientific rigour, so they are not accepted in this field.

For those who enjoy getting out of traditional schemes and concepts, quantum physics brings them a series of images and ideas that justify their beliefs.

The Law of Mentalism fits perfectly with this scientific profile.

So let’s examine the law of mentalism in more detail!

What is the Law of Mentalism?

The Law of Mentalism, which states that “Everything is Mind, Everything is Mental”, is the first of the seven Universal Laws.

This implies that the mind or consciousness is the fundamental substance of the entire Universe and that this consciousness is the Mind of the Absolute, the Universal Mind.

Nothing can and will change, as it is an immutable law that applies to all planes: physical, mental and spiritual.

However, the phrase ‘All is Mind’ does not imply that everything on the Mental Plane is part of it.

The mental plane, on the other hand, is the plane of the mind associated with mental functions such as thinking, imagination, and general mental health.

So, on all levels of existence, the Absolute, whose Divine Self is a Divine Spark, creates and governs all energy and matter, visible and invisible.

Your mind is identical to the entire Universal Mind.

Your environment, on the other hand, is nothing more than a projection of your consciousness, a manifestation of your thoughts.

Since everything is mind, this means that you are a mind rather than having a mind.

This is the essence of Mind Power.